The Threshold Training mini e-book is absolutely free!  Submit your e-mail at the bottom of the page, but I must advise you that the free mini e-book doesn’t even touch the surface of the full version!  The full version goes into detail about the how’s and why’s of the program, an appendices with pictures of some of the more uncommon exercises and describes how to implement the program.

The full e-book is only $25!  Five dollars from every purchase will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) of Rutherford County, TN.  Check out the JDRF’s website:

The full version has a seven-week workout schedule with over 40 additional pages of information.  TT is the new, innovative training system designed by Justin Groce.  TT features some of the most tried-and-true methods of gaining muscle and losing weight including HIT, intervals, German Volume Training and mixed strength/hypertrophy programming.

If you want to take your fitness, body composition, athletic performance and ACTUALLY HAVE DIRECTION in the gym then get Threshold Training by clicking “Buy Now” below.

Here’s how the pictures look in the exercise appendices of Threshold Training:

Face pulls



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